Straight Outta Tumblr

S.O.T. is an installation exhibited right in the entrance of W139 in Amsterdam. It it consisted of the New Aesthetic David and of a live-stream of our weblog, which we started as a way to publish the images we make.

For a while we've been using smartphones as a way to create images and images as a way to explore smartphones. The results of which we blog. We agreed on a rule that as soon as one of us thinks of an image he has to instantly make and post it. This process results in images, tests and discoveries of varying quality, which together make up an evolving stream of the artists' thoughts, interests and preoccupations.

The ‘New Aesthetic David’ is a 190 centimeter high EPS remix of the well-known renaissence statue by Michelangelo. Built using digital fabrication techniques and reposed to look at his smartphone. The sculpture's source is a low-resolution digital model downloaded from the Google Sketchup 3D warehouse, which we sliced up and proceeded to lasercut and glue together slice for slice.


3D David stacks on stacks on stacks