In the final months of 2010 a large part of the Fine Arts department was asked by Rijkswaterstaat to develop ideas surrounding the A20 highway that runs through Rotterdam. Subsequently we were asked to write a proposal, the winning one would be granted budget for realization.

Instead we chose to make a work that played on abandoned infrastructrural projects. We chose one that was a planned highway, abandoned in the 70's. The terrain still belonged to Rijkswaterstaat but officially nothing was going on there.

We bought a car, had the engine removed and found an exploit in the registrational system to make it disappear from the registries. Then we proceeded to dig it in illegaly, on top of the slope which would've become the driveway.

To attract audience, the work was publicized on as a monument to a highway that never happened. Geocachers are cool because they climb fences and generally regard public infrastructure more as a playground.

We were disqualified from the competition.

The 'making of' video apparently went viral within Rijkswaterstaat and brought back focus on the abandoned construction projects around Rotterdam.


A20 Drive-In making of from Force Of Freedom.

Concept render using GMOD
After a few months we found out that people had interacted with the work.
Later the sculpture dissapeared entirely, probably sold for the scrap metal