Between November 26th and December 21st we did a research project in collaboration with Dave Young at Upominki, a non-profit artist space in Rotterdam. Within this period we explored our ongoing research on the concept of Telewar.

Wars are increasingly fought over bigger distances using new technologies like military drones, at the same time, they are broadcast more than ever into our daily lives through our social media newsfeeds. It is difficult to study the uses, effects and ideas of technologies that are designed to obscure. However, within the 'TELEWAR' we try to make some sense of these developments through the analysis of news reports, military drone culture, dronespeak and network theory.

You can download the .pdf or buy a hardcopy for €10,-.

We also presented our research and publication at Semmer-Berlin galery in Berlin.

Our workspace at Upominki

DJ performance of Dennis De Bel at Semmer-Berlin

Video documantation of our first bookbinding experience.

(a very bonding experience)