In January 2012 we participated in Kunstpodium-T's Leerling/Meester project. In this context we made a group exhibition with Katja Verheul, Sofia Montenegro and Martijn Grooten with the help and advice from Ahmet Ögüt.

We created a physical WEBSHOP based on two web phenomena, amateur graphics and web based print services that print on physical products.

We took and combined all sorts of images to create a total of 100 new images that found their way on all sorts of products that the print shops had to offer. We then ran the shop for the duration of the exhibition.

In the process we created a huge archive of old school gifs and jpegs which is accessible here.

Some of the products we didn't sell in Tilburg can be bought in the webshop ------->.






Our WEBSHOP at Kunstpodium-T, Tilburg